Digital Beauty

scientific  color  analysis

Digital Beauty provides a truly scientific analysis of your personal skin tones and recommends the best selections for a color palette for clothing and cosmetics.  Digital Beauty goes far beyond existing color analysis systems. 


How is Digital Beauty scientific?  Well, the fact is that nature wastes nothing.  In all of creation, whether the study is physics, chemistry, or biology, this axiom always holds true: nature wastes nothing.  Nature made women beautiful for a reason.  The reason was to advance the evolutionary advancement of our species.  In short, beauty is an evolutionary signal. 


The science of sexual attractiveness is well researched and most of the results have been published in the open scientific literature.  Digital Beauty is the first and only system to exploit this scientific research and put it into practical use.


The Digital Beauty system uses the most advanced optical instruments available, and it is far more accurate than any competitors' model.  The Digital Beauty system uses scientific grade optical spectrometry to measure skin tones more accurately than any other system anywhere.  This information is analyzed in the context of the most advanced sexual attractive research published to date.  No other system exploits this research, or indeed, even addresses the underlying biology of sexual attractiveness.  The Digital Beauty system is far more resolved than the conventional "color season" method.


The result of the 10 minute Digital Beauty measurement is a list of recommendations for cosmetic choices and a custom cloth book (printed on the spot) showing the optimum palette of colors for clothing.


The Digital Beauty measurement costs less than a single haircut and takes only 10 minutes.


But, the results are spectacular.  No other system can compare. 


Please see our other pages (coming soon) for a list of retail providers linked to Google Maps, so you can find a convenient Digital Beauty outlet near you.